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Change Yourself and Change Your Life

Before and After

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"I have always considered my self an active person, trying to work out as often as possible and playing a few sports however I never really achieved the goals I set for my self. After shopping around for a personal trainer, I came across Zyad's Facebook and website.

I saw the results Zyad was getting out of his clients and I was impressed. From the dramatic results and inspiring testimonials I knew Zyad was the clear choice, and I was not disappointed. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with colitis which comes with a lot of dietary restrictions and some major lifestyle changes, Zyad was able to help me find a meal plan that fit my needs while improving my over all diet. With my diet in check Zyad reshaped fitness regime fine tuning my movements and teaching me the proper techniques to continue to improve strength.

With Zyad's motivation the work outs flew by and became fun. As I continued to train I found my self pushing harder and excited to come back for another session.

In three months I am blown away by the progress I have made, all thanks to Zyad. Looking back I did not think it was possible to achieve the goals I had set but Zyad pushed me and was able to show me just how much I could accomplish. I am beyond happy with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Zyad to anyone. 

No matter your goals, Zyad has the knowledge and passion to help you achieve them."

-- Mathew Muir

personal trainer

Kieran had been working out for a few years on his own, but he had reached a plateau in the last year. Being 6"3", building lean muscle mass was always difficult for Kieran.


When Kieran came to see me, he had a good foundation and understanding of weight training but he lacked diversity, consistency and motivation. Over the course of 9 months, we worked hard on building lean muscle mass and we focused on creating a diet plan that worked for his lifestyle. The results were so much more than Kieran had hoped for. He shrunk his body fat from 22% down to 12% and packed on over 10 pounds of lean body mass.

As a client of Zyad, Jordan found the formula for a success: Working out 4 days a week for 12 weeks leading to body fat loss and muscle gain. Jordan continues to work hard to improve his physique and exceed his initial goals.

Other Clients

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