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Change Courself, Change Your Life


Looking to Loss Some Weight

I have helped many people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals over the years and I have trained in many areas of the health and fitness industry. My goal as a personal trainer is to help my clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals in the shortest amount of time possible while maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a combination of fitness and good nutrition.

Most people think that weight loss and increasing fitness is huge challenge that is unreachable for them. The truth is anyone can achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, but with the right attitude, a bit of determination and someone to push you in the right direction you will always achieve……and I’m that someone

Planning to Tone Up & Gain Muscle

This is a challenging program that requires a great deal of dedication from the client. Muscular strength can be developed quite easily through a series of coordinated progressions by increasing weights and varying repetitions. This in turn will lead to an increase in the size of the muscle but at a slower rate than the development of strength. It is definitely achievable and in certain body types the results will be noticeably quick when combined with a set eating plan to increase mass. It is hard work but extremely satisfying that is again becoming increasingly popular.

1-On-1 Studio or In-House Personal Training

Personal traning is called personal training because it’s all about ‘one on one’ advice, guidance and motivation. The whole reason for paying for your own fitness trainer, is to get this attention and a training program that’s right for you.