Hiring Zyad as a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I made for myself. I have always been an athletic person, but struggled with weight loss. Zyad had the patience to jordan becker before and afterteach me proper technique and slowly increased the intensity of my workouts as my strength improved. He also set me up with a proper diet plan and provided the necessary motivation needed to achieve results. I am happy to report that I lost nearly 30 pounds of fat and packed on some muscle, which I have still maintained to this day. Next step for me is to lose some additional fat and then I plan on going back to Zyad to help gain muscle mass. My confidence is higher, my energy is up and overall I am just a happier person. Fitness is now a part of my lifestyle and I am constantly challenging myself to be better. On a personal note Zyad is an incredibly friendly guy and very easy to get along with. Don’t look at the dollar amount per session, but rather position it as an investment in yourself. I would happily recommend Zyad to friends and family.

Jordan Becker


I have always considered my self an active person, trying to work out as often as possible and playing a few sports however I never really achieved the goals I set for my self. After shopping around for a personal trainer, I came across Zyad’s banner-2-940x329Facebook and website.

I saw the results Zyad was getting out of his clients and I was impressed. From the dramatic results and inspiring testimonials I knew Zyad was the clear choice, and I was not disappointed. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with colitis which comes with a lot of dietary restrictions and some major lifestyle changes, Zyad was able to help me find a meal plan that fit my needs while improving my over all diet. With my diet in check Zyad reshaped fitness regime fine tuning my movements and teaching me the proper techniques to continue to improve strength. With Zyad’s motivation the work outs flew by and became fun. As I continued to train I found my self pushing harder and excited to come back for another session.

In three months I am blown away by the progress I have made, all thanks to Zyad. Looking back I did not think it was possible to achieve the goals I had set but Zyad pushed me and was able to show me just how much I could accomplish. I am beyond happy with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Zyad to anyone.

No matter your goals, Zyad has the knowledge and passion to help you achieve them.

Mathew Muir


Before I met Zyad, I had been suffering from impingement in my shoulder for the better part of 15 years. It made working out very painful, and reaching my personal fitness goals all but impossible. I had hired other trainers, but no one was able to help me improve my condition. I was almost ready to give up.

Thankfully, I decided to give things another try — this time, with Zyad.

Zyad was able to coordinate with my physiotherapist and guide me through a progressive program that strengthened the weakened muscle groups responsible for the pain. I’m now able to work out normally, and I’m getting closer to being in the shape I have always wanted.

In addition to his know-how, Zyad had two other qualities that make him stand out in my mind. First, he is a consummate professional. As a client, his focus is on me 100%. Second, he’s extremely personable. He’s easy to talk to, and he often has me cracking up between sets.

If you have an injury that has been holding you back, talk to Zyad. I’m very glad I did!

Andrew Clifford 


Like so many people I had worked out for years and had no results.  I was never much of an athlete but had always wanted to become more fit and live a healthier lifestyle.  It wasn’t until I had hurt JAMES-BEFORE-AND-AFTERweb

my back due to poor form at the gym and general muscle weakness that I sought the services of Zyad Kalach.  I had heard about him from a friend of mine and seeing Zyad’s pictures I thought I would give it a shot and try to build my body and just see what happens.

Looking at my before and after pics now I am honestly stunned at the progress I’ve made.  Zyad is an excellent motivator and teacher and without him this could not have been possible.  He seeds his workouts with so many little tips and tricks on how to workout more effectively.  He also gave me a personalized meal plan that he modified as my body started to grow muscle and lose fat.  And I picked up a few words in Arabic to boot!

Thank you Zyad for everything you’ve done for me!  I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about wanting to change their fitness level and improve their quality of life!  Yala!



I wasted quite a bit of time looking for a personal trainer in downtown Toronto, and tried out a few different private and corporate trainers, but none seemed to fully invest in helping me reach my 10516659_714576708603772_3477112241253136870_ngoals.  Personal training is a large investment both mentally and financially; I wanted to make sure I was getting the most for my fitness and financial investments.

Then a close friendrecommended that I give Zyad a call.   After 9 intense, but fun, months later I am in the best shape I have ever been, my diet is in check and I have surpassed all of my fitness and health goals.

Zyad’s approach was exactly what I needed to break through my plateaus. He helped me reshape my diet while teaching me the fundamentals of toning and building muscle. Zyad not only helped me shed body fat and gain a solid 12lbs of muscle, he made sure that I was retaining what he was teaching me so that I could confidently continue on my own.

I have complete confidence in Zyad’s knowledge and abilities, and I have no hesitation in recommending Zyad to anyone looking for a personal trainer in Toront

~ Kieran B

As a current client of Zyad Kalach I am writing to assure you that he is absolutely the best Toronto personal trainer I have ever worked with.

Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, trying to improve your health or just improve youreric web strength. Zyad has the background and the commitment to help you succeed. I first began training with Zyad September 2013 and rapidly improved my strength and flexibility.

I have never gotten results like these from any other trainer. I believe this is because not only Zyad understands the science of personal training, he also understands the science of motivation. When you feel like you can’t keep going, he will get you there.

No matter what your fitness goals, I am certain that Zyad will be more then able to help you get there. Please know that I give him my highest ratings, and will happily continue to train with him myself.

If you’re looking for an easy personal trainer Zyad is not the guy for you. He will push you. Hard. But with that comes the results you want to see. He’s tough. But extremely nice. And he’ll help you achieve your workout goals.I highly recommend Zyad Kalach as a Toronto personal trainer.

~ Eric R


“Training with Zyad was an exceptional experience – the results were quick to see from only two sessions, and the motivational drive towards reaching one’s goals was naturally reinstated from such results. I have been training with various personal trainers in Toronto, but can honestly say that the sessions spent with Zyad were the best as he whole-heartedly demonstrated exactly what was needed to get to what it is you exactly want to achieve… I realized the impossible was in fact possible, and he made this very clear to me.”

~ Ahmad H


I have never been one who loved to workout – until training with Zyad Kalach.  I look forward to each session with him, expecting to be challenged and motivated.

After looking for a personal trainer in Toronto for months, I found Zyad and I have been training with him for 3 months and have been very happy with my progress to date.  My progress is exactly as he had predicted it would be from the outset.  We have a long term vision that we are working toward and the intense workouts and nutrition regime prescribed by Zyad are all part of the journey to achieving that vision.

Zyad’s workouts are individualized and prescribed, supervised, dynamic and intense.  He pushes me to my limit – and then some.

I have the utmost confidence in Zyad and his abilities, knowledge and expertise.  I can unreservedly state that Zyad is a trainer unlike any other, and would have no hesitation in recommending him as a personal trainer.

~ Troy U


I wasted a lot of time and money on various personal trainers at some of the big Toronto gyms. After months of no results a friend referred me to Zyad at Florida Jacks on Bloor and Yonge. Zyad wasted no time getting to work . Our workouts were challenging, diverse and most of all enjoyable. Within 4 months of working with Zyad I saw great results. I had lost a good 10 lbs of fat, shrunk my thighs, and tightened up my legs and gluteus. I highly recommend contacting Zyad if your serious about making a change.

~ Natasha S