Happy Monday! Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, mostly because I love to eat, and judging by the amount of people searching for Thanksgiving-related terms on the Internet this week, I’m not alone! According to Yahoo! search results, searches for “thanksgiving dinner” are up 2,613 percent this week, “stuffing recipes” are up 2,804 percent, and “thanksgiving menu ideas” are up 702 percent this week.

I would never dream of telling you to give up any of your favorite foods on Thanksgiving, no matter how fatty or calorie-laden they may be. After all, it’s a time to celebrate with friends and family, and I wholeheartedly believe you should enjoy every last minute of it. But I would like to know what you’re doing to stay healthy and fit this week.

Because the holidays can be hectic, it’s easy to let your normal fitness routine fall by the wayside. However, there are simple ways to sneak a little sweat time into even your busiest of days. Try these workouts to boost your heart rate and set your blood pumping on Turkey Day. You’ll be less stressed, more energized, and alert—all the better to deal with when that one annoying family member (inevitably) brings up politics at the dinner table!

1. The 8-moves-in-8 minutes routine: This workout can be done with or without a medicine ball. It’s tough, but effective, and you’ll definitely feel the burn!

2. Break up your workout into short segments: Don’t have 30 minutes for a full-on cardio sesh? No prob. Split it into three 10-minute segments instead. The trick is to keep the intensity high (think running or plyometrics) and stay focused.

3. Play some football! We’re in the peak of football season, so what better way to burn off some energy than play some yourself? Grab your friends and family, divide into teams, and have fun! If you don’t know how to play football (don’t worry; you’re not alone), grab a buddy and try these pigskin-inspired moves for a quick workout.